This is a numbers matching car, with the original engine and transmission. The engine was completely rebuilt at 86,000 miles per the prior owner an now has 112,000 miles on the odometer. It is sold with a CA pink slip, and the matching original CA blue plate from 1970. Exterior: The car has a rough exterior in that is was repainted poorly some time back to red from the original dark metallic green color. At one point the 911 had RSR flares tack-welded to the original steel fenders, which I removed revealing a wider radius fender well on all four corners. The gaps on passenger side of vehicle are excellent and in the rear and on the front of the car (trunk), but the drivers side to fender to door not as good and it looks as it was possibly hit on that side at one stage and not repaired to a top level. The paint is believed to be original on the engine decklid (so you can see the original color, although somewhat faded over the years. The other paint is a temporary plasti-dip coating in green. Car actually is very presentable on the exterior with this look. It has H4 headlamps but other hardware and bumpers are all original. Car does come with the original headlamps and trim rings as well. The car could obviously use a professional paint job to original metallic (rare code 83) color to do it right, as well as the aforementioned bodywork to line up the gaps on drivers side a bit better. Front trunk area: A well known problem area for early Porsches, I don’t see any visible rust in this area. The car has been coated in the trunk at one point, or repainted, so it’s hard to see what’s underneath that finish. Truly the best thing would be to pull the tank and restore this area. This and the driver’s door/fenders are the areas in need of body work and straightening out. Interior: The interior looks to be all original except for the aftermarket stereo. The headliner is nice and clean, and the seats not bad at all except for the feel the foam is not holding up on this inside, and the drivers side has worn down due to an exposed seat belt housing coming off. Rear seats and package tray also in excellent condition. Carpets also very presentable and the dash has only a 1/8 to 1/4 inch split in the rear by the vent opening, hard to even see. Everything else looks quite nice and original. The brakes work great. The suspension is all original. The wheels are very rare (deep) and matching date coded 7/68 original Fuchs 15″ wheels. The tires have plenty of tread although they are not all matching, and the age of each is questionable. The steering is tight and feels like it should. There is an aftermarket steering wheel. The car also comes with a Magnus Walker MOMO wheel and a Porsche insert, as well as a Walker horn insert that are all brand new. The gearbox is the original 901 type 5 speed. It has the “mop in the bucket” feel but there are no issues in shifting between gears (i.e. synchros crunching or surprises). Engine: The engine has been rebuilt and runs very strong, although I don’t have any leakdown tests as of yet

South Pasadena, California, United States