This is a 1973 matching # 911T. It was sold new 42 years ago with a ducktail, in signal yellow, so you basically have the look of the RS 2.7L!!   See picture of the yellow car to imagine what this one could look like if you brought it back to original. I do not have any parts with the car to do that though. This one was modified years ago to look like a newer turbo look model. I believe the rear fenders are steel and the front ones are fiberglass. The body seems to be very solid with no apparent rust aside from the door panels bottoms. The floor pans seem very solid!! I have made no attempt at starting the engine and don’t know anything about its condition aside from the fact its numbers match the COA. I believe it was running when I bought it years ago. My plans were to make a RSR replica but the small bumper 911s are now too valuable to be messed with!

Hialeah, Florida, United States