This is a Very Sharp, Great Looking and Driving 1976 Porsche 911 Targa 2+2. It has the factory Porsche Wheels. All Matching Continental Extreme Contact Tires with approximitely 40-50% left on them. It has the rear color matching Finn/Spoiler. Body is in very good condition Structurally, not rusty on the outside or underbody. Has only been driven in summer conditions and stored winters. The Targa Top is in very good condition, no rips or tears in the material, its in avove average condition. It has had a re-paint at some point in it’s life, but the jams were done and the paint looks and shines very nice. Rear Bumper is in great shape. No cracks in the windshield or glass. There is a couple spots on the body that show some wear. Above the rear drivers side tire on the wheel well there is a small dent and the paint is chipped. When opeining up the passenger door on the upper portion of the jam. The paint has peeled slightly.

Duluth, Minnesota, United States