This is a two owner 37854 mile 3.0 Turbo Coupe.I obtained this car from an eccentric owner that purchased the car in 1982.The car has spent its life parked in a garage in a southern state out of weather and traffic.The interior is original.The exterior paint has been reapplied.The tires are the same tires that have been on the car for decades, a set of tires is in order.The body is straight with straight panels and panel gaps.The car shows no indication of previous damage.The engine is absolutely bone dry,an oxymoron for a turbo engine.The car sat in the same location in my garage for one week,not a single drop on the floor.The engine does not smoke on start up,it has that wonderful powerful Turbo purr that these 3.0 cars had.The color is special order Copper Brown Metallic. There were 727 of these cars produced.

Lebanon, Tennessee, United States