1978 Porsche 911 SC Slant Nose Targa Wide Body (“factory” all steel) (G Body)


135k miles. Org numbers matching 3L engine. CIS fuel injection. Org 501 Transmission.

Completely stock with no modifications beyond the front fenders and headlamps. Turbo tie rods and shift linkage bushings.

Slant nose fenders were manufactured by “American InterContinental Racing”. The headlamps are Porsche and Bosch. (928)

Fenders have some minor rust bubbles, they can easily be fixed or returned to tunnel style original fenders, if you choose. (I do not have original fenders) Spot of rust about the size of a dime on the driver’s door. And the heat exchangers are about to turn to dust.

Very little to no rust on the rest of the car. Rocker panels are solid with no rust on both sides.

Car is complete minus the gas tank. Was running 5 years ago when I removed the fuel tank to have it boiled and refinished due to age and buildup (it kept clogging fuel filters). Completely drained the fuel system at that time. (Do not have original fuel tank.)

Car includes; Brand New six-pin MSD ignition, MSD coil, MSD tach sensor. New Bosch high flow fuel pump and filter. New rubber bits and pieces, belts, air filter straps, caps, and other bits. Original tool bag. New heater hoses. Etc

I have clean Georgia title in hand. I’ve owned the car since 2005. Records back to the 1990s. No wrecks, little to no rust! Originally a Nevada title.

Illness and other projects, have left her in her current state, garaged indefinitely. Get her together, and get her on the road! It’s what she deserves!

Car is not currenly running.

Location: Cumming, Georgia, United States

Seller: jwejwsh-trfvpdu

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