This s a nice 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo otherwise known as the 951. The car has recently been repainted in the factory guards red color using high quality PPG paints and materials. The Porsche runs well and was intended to be a minor restoration project of my own. I have decided to move on and pass the car along to another 944 fan.  The Porsche still has the factory original interior that is in good condition and comes equipped with the rare sport seat option. Seats are in fair shape and look presentable as does the rest of the interior. The dash is cracked in several places as most are and has a dash cover. There are services available now to repair these dash pads for a relatively good price which is what I had planned to have done.  I have not done a timing belt service and have no record of when it was done last. Needless to say this was and is on the top of my list of maintenance items.  The clutch has been replaced and should last many years. This is a major service on these cars much more expensive that the timing belt.  Some noise in the front suspension is evident but it is tight and feels good. A squeak sound really not a rattle or loose sound.  The exhaust has been cut at some point and an after market muffler is installed. Sounds fine not loud or obtrusive. The whole job could have been done better though as the exhaust is hung a bit tight to the bottom of the car and sometimes hits the chassis for a thump. Easily fixed item.

Oswego, Illinois, United States