1987 930 Factory Slant Nose 911/930 Turbo Porsche. This car is one of 50 built. Guards Red with a black interior. Car has 62k original miles. Here is the story on this car. It was damaged in 2008. It had a light hit on the right front and drivers door and drivers side quarter panel.. It had NO frame or suspension damage at all. The insurance company totaled it at that time. Which is why it shows a Kansas Salvage title .It was then purchased by a rebuilder in Georgia  where the car was repaired and repainted. Using the Factory Glasurit  guards red paint. This shop had a much better painter than they did a body man. as the paint on the car is excellent. I would give it a 8 out of a 10. but the body work was not as good. The problem is the body man did not get the gaps as good as he should have and they didn’t line up as well as possible. The fender, hood and door gaps were off . At that point they put the car in storage .The owner of that shop was keeping it for himself. Three years later I purchased it from him the way it sat. Having been in the restoration business for over 30 years and very experienced on European cars . I knew this would be a cool personal project. The main areas of concern was the front nose panel. I guess they figured when the car was assembled you couldn’t see it.   Just was not finished off as nicely as I would have done and they put the wrong undercoating on outside. I  pulled the fuel tank to get proper access to that area and check for any other damage. Everything else looks good. The other area of concern was the drivers door to quarter panel gap, when I grounded through the paint to access the panel you could see  they had used filler to make the gap which is totally un exceptable . The right fender to hood gap, the fender is somewhat wavy and fender edge is not straight. This area will need to be addressed. The rest of the car is what you would expect from a 60k mile car, the interior is nice with no cracks , the seats are in good condition with no rips or tears. and the door panels are nice. Everything just needs a good cleaning. Mechanically the car is sound. It was driven in and out of the shop when I was working on it but has not been driven in about a year when I pulled the gas tank, I am going to say that the car is 98 percent complete after I have inventoried my parts. The only things I found to be missing was the drivers side door panel map pocket and the windshield. Most of the weather stripping is new as well as some other small new parts.

Winder, Georgia, United States