Lightweight body with no side impact beam no glove box factory! Get air for Petrol Cooling (later in the GT3 RS), the Porsche Traffic Pro with sound system even cooler :) Package + tires and aerodynamic as GT2. RECARO PORSCHE All modifications to the engine Gear were carried out by me in the Porsche Centre South in Berlin and can be substantiated by original invoices. The engine was tuned on the ECU ca 15.Stunden on the road. The car drives like a standard car and has a lot of torque in the suction area. Supported clutch very comfortable when the engine is running. Bilstein B16 PSS10 adjustable. BREMBO & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; BBS special designs on BSA-Motorsport, titanium wheel bolts (Poggipolini) ATL 30 liter tank, injection pump, ignition completely Bosch Motorsport (EV6) Much carbon fiber and custom-made parts. In the car about 80,000 € on parts and invaluable know-how (Porsche Motorsport, 962 LeMans Team) flowed. Wheel drive ca.1280 kg 1,5 bar before the throttle and ignition cut Launch Control 0-100km / h less than 3 sec 0-200km / h about 7.5 sec 0-300km / h about 18 sec V-max ca.340km / h max. 7300U / min

Location: Berlin, Deutschland

See listing: 2001 Porsche 911 996 GT2 Turbo Original Porsche Zentrum Umbau auf 860ps (from January 7, 2016)