We are pleased to offer 1968 Porsche soft-window Targa s/n 70719, sold new on 17 May, 1968 by VW Pacific in Culver City, CA to its first owner, Art White of Encino, CA. On 31 July, 1972, Porsche 912 s/n 70719 was sold by Dick Barber Racing to the second owner, Peter Oliver of La Mesa, CA who meticulously maintained the vehicle over his 40 year ownership. After years of building their commercial and racing success around the 356 models, Porsche introduced the two-liter 911 model at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963 with production starting in late 1964. Maintaining the company’s success with rear engine positioning, the all-new design provided an aerodynamic body over a revised chassis that featured a sophisticated suspension system, a powerful flat-six engine, a smooth-shifting five-speed transmission and powerful 4-wheel brakes. The combination was both powerful and well balanced, making the new 911 faster and more stable at high speeds than the 356 Porsche. Feeling excluded, many Porsche fans yearned for a more affordable alternative to the 911. Buyers did not have to wait long and only months later, in April of 1965, Porsche began production of the more-affordable 912. Despite a weight penalty of 220 pounds versus the lighter 356 Super 90, the more aerodynamic 912 achieved the identical top speed of 115 miles per hour.

Powered by the new Type 616/39 engine, an update to the Type 616/16 engine from the 1964-1965 Porsche 356 SC it replaced, the 912 offered improved weight distribution, better handling, eye-pleasing styling, adequate performance for its day, high-quality construction, reliability, and a market-friendly price to Porsche’s clients. The 912 substantially outsold the 911 during the first few years of production. Whereas Porsche built nearly 30,000 first-series Porsche 912 coupes, only about eight percent or approximately 2,562 total 912s were equipped with a soft-window Targa top. Porsche 912 production ended in July 1969 because of the looming complexity of more stringent United States emission regulations, because of Porsche’s introduction of the lower-priced 914 and 914-6 and additionally because of Porsche’s reintroduction of their traditional three performance-level ladder, including a most powerful 911S, a fuel-injected 911E, and a base model 911T to replace the 912.

1968 Porsche soft-window Targa s/n 70719 is a wonderful example thanks to its restoration by a marque specialist only a few years ago. In the process of the restoration, the vehicle was stripped to bare metal, repainted, color sanded and buffed. Professional upholsterers updated the interior with new seats, new panels, new carpeting and replaced the rear-window targa top. A full engine-out mechanical service and vehicle detail was also performed. An original rust-free and damage-free California car, this 912 Targa is an exemplary model of a rare breed, made even more rare by its exceptional condition.

1968 Porsche 912 soft window Targa s/n 70719 is an obsessively-well-documented and user-friendly car with stacks of records back to its first sale and first owner on 17 May, 1968 and is a two-owner, California black plate car with massive service and ownership records from the date of delivery up to the cosmetic restoration. 912 s/n 70719 also comes with its Factory Certificate of Authenticity, its original and filled out Porsche maintenance book, original tools, jack and driver’s manual. As confirmed by the Factory Certificate of Authenticity, Porsche 912 s/n 70719 was equipped from new with front and rear bumper over-riders; the now legendary Fuchs forged alloy wheels; an antenna and loudspeaker; a wooden steering wheel and what Porsche described as “Tinned Glass All Around”. With only 2,562 total Soft Window 912 Targas built, they are a rare and very collectible vehicle. Originally sold by VW Pacific in Culver City, California to its first owner in Ercino, CA on May 17, 1968, the second owner was from San Diego, CA and purchased it on July 31, 1972 from Dick Barbour d.b.a Automotion. The second owner meticulously maintained the vehicle over his 40 year ownership with massive service records on file. 912 s/n 70719 is in excellent mechanical condition with an engine-out top-end rebuild in 2012 and its most recent engine-out service with new mounts and a new clutch in April of 2017.

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