We have this lovely Ruby Red 1984 Carrera for sale which was traded in for a late model 991 PdK as the prior owner did not like the heavy clutch. The Seattle area based prior owner owned the car for a short time, we believe he bought the car from Victory Motorcars in Texas. When we took the car in trade the odometer was intermittent, a not uncommon problem on older 911’s, we have had it repaired. Because of this issue we obviously do not know the exact mileage. This Carrera shows no signs of previous structural repair though it has been repainted the stock color. With the exception of the radio and speakers, as well as the Carrera decals, the car is stock. Having a galvanized body shell rust is not an issue. The car drives excellent, I have been in the Porsche business since 1996 with both the Service and Sales and am very familiar with air cooled cars. The engine performs flawlessly, the chassis is taunt with no creaks or groans. As with 915 transaxle cars the shifting is not as fast as a contemporary car. Second gear synchro is a 7 on a scale of 10. Steering and suspension are excellent.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States